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Monterey Bay Look-out

This 1200 square foot garage is perched overlooking the Monterey bay on one side, and Carmel valley on the other.At 15 foot on the front side, it has plenty of headroom. The roof sits at only a half inch per foot slope, relatively flat, allowing us to easily mount the solar panels that are scheduled to be mounted to the roof to generate plenty of free solar energy, cutting energy costs. It’s going to be faced with stone veneer, and stucco. Above the garage doors are going to be transom windows which bathe the inside with plenty of natural light.

We had to carve into the existing hillside to make room for this spacious garage. You can notice the block wall in the back retaining what  used to be unusable hillside.

Along with the garage we updated the lower floor/basement to be livable quarters. Also, we rebuilt the existing deck which was falling down and added more square footage to the existing deck.  On the site we added masonry block garden walls to terrace the ground and create new parking space for vehicles.

We will continue to keep you updated as this project proceeds. If you see something you may be interested in, contact us and we’ll work with you to develop your idea.