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Kitchen Transformation: 80’s Update

We will take you throughout this kitchen transformation to see the step by step process of remodeling a kitchen. The pictures below are the before pictures. From the cove honey oak trim to the white laminate, flat doors and discolored plastic accents this 80's kitchen is in definite need of a facelift. Rather an entire transformation.

Step one is to design the new kitchen. For this one we have decided that simple is grander and will be going with a white shaker style cabinet, dark granite counter tops to contrast the white cabinets and stainless steel appliances to add a metallic shine to the entire kitchen.

Our next step will be demolition, the fun part of the entire process. We will tear out the cabinets, flooring, lighting, soffit and whatever sheetrock needs to be repaired or opened up to allow for the new electrical.

This is what we have to start with. It’s very outdated and in need of a facelift. At one point in its life, they did upgrade to granite, from what we assume was tile, but now it will have to be redone.

The fridge to the right is actually in great condition, and is a top of the line sub-zero. So ew will be keeping it. We’ll replace the panels with stainless steel to match the new appliances and have it serviced to ensure decades of trouble free service.

Here it is all torn out. The floor the walls, the cabinets. Everything. We even took out the soffit the ran around the perimeter and held  so many fake plants.

Here’s another angle. That strip of missing sheetrock at the top is where the former soffit used to be.

Here is the new tile floor down right after if was laid. The sheetrock had already been patched and textured.

This is the wall prior to cabinets going back in. All the elctrical was ran for the under cabinet lighting, the over cabinet lighting, the appliances and the counter outlets. The sheetrock was hung, taped and textured. The bottom was primed prior to the tile going down that way the texture wouldn’t be washed off when the tile guys were wiping their tile.

Here is a picture of the new kitchen side by side with the old. What a transformation, huh. With the new lighting, this kitchen has style, it has character, it has appeal. It’s not just a mundane room in the house that only serves a function. It’s an elegant show piece. If you like this kitchen remodel, let us work with you to bring your kitchen dreams to life.