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Kitchen Draft Hood

There are a lot of options for a draft hood above your cook-top or range. By far the most popular of these is the microwave/hood, but the most attractive is the stainless steel or glass range hood.

A microwave hood performs the function of a draft hood, but also frees up space on your counter top by mounting your microwave above the cooktop. This is where the microwave/hood combo shines. And, yes, a stainless steel microwave hood can look elegant and culinary, but it never quite gets you out of the realm of home kitchen.

A solid stainless steel range hood gives you that feel of being in a master chef kitchen. From it’s louvered stainless steel grease trap to its massive walls of brushed stainless steel, it feels like a culinary kitchen.

Then there are the island draft hoods. If your cooktop is in an island you need a draft hood still. There are several options. You can get a solid stainless steel draft hood to preserve that culinary feel as shown here:



Or, if you want to maintain that open feel of the space, you can get a stainless steel draft hood with a glass canopy:



Whatever the desire for you next kitchen remodel in the Riverside and Inland Empire area, give us a call today.